"Graffiti 365" is part of the wildly successful "365" series published by Abrams. This book is a comprehensive look at Graffiti and Street artists, the people who practice them, and the different mediums involved. 
iO wrote a third of this book, alongside editor Jay Edlin.
"Possibly the greatest existing temptation for a graffiti artist is a high visibility spot that offers the illegal artist unlimited, secluded access to create their work. Enter the public bathroom. In bars, rest stops, restaurants, and event venues in every country, toilet stalls see hundreds of eyes a night - and not just any eyes, but bored ones, eyes scouring and begging the walls for something to distract from the tedium of the body flushing itself for three minutes. Throughout the ages, graffiti and street artists have stretched the period of time deemed socially acceptable for relieving oneself as obnoxiously far as possible, straddling toilets, and stretching across sinks to throw up tags, stickers, and even wheatpastes in loos around the world, invariably creating the least likely, and most smelly museum tour available today. "

From 'Bathrooms' in Graffiti 365
"Before there was ESPO at Deitch, before there was Steve Powers in the Beautiful Losers museum show, and before the 5 figure canvases, there was Stephen J. Powers, born and bred on the grey streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was in Philly that the clever wordplays first began to crop up, and it was there that ESPO first made his mark with his conceptual text pieces."

- From "ESPO" in Graffiti 365

© Copyright, iO Tillett Wright 2012

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